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A very dynamic and interactive conference!

National Association of Nursing Management.

Features & Benefits:

As it can sometimes be very “delicate” suggest to senior managers that they need to improve their personal communication skills, we provide our clients the possibility of Personal Communication Training sessions tailored to the needs of each client.

In general, the new concept Zen & the Art of Communication training courses, seminars and workshops provide the following features and benefits:

The courses are very intensive with a flexible length to clients’ needs. Courses can 1 or 2 days, Personal Training sessions 2 hrs, with specialized workshops adjusted to the clients’ needs and budget. Made to measure solutions & more accessible to senior managers who find it difficult to get the time for training.

The new concept is very dynamic, and highly interactive, focusing on the key points of communication techniques. It focuses directly on what each client requires applying very simple techniques to achieve their goals, resulting in the application of these techniques immediately.

We use humour and involve NLP, Acting, and Mime exercises with proven communication techniques. Not only do the clients really enjoy the courses, relaxing to more easily practice the techniques learned and understand the concept of how each can improve the way they communicate.

Each course, seminar or speech is designed to fit the needs of each client or group of clients, and can be presented in English or Spanish.